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Mercedes-Benz customers can now grant data access to Mercedes-Benz data products in order to take advantage of third-party applications that have integrated with the Otonomo Neutral Server Platform.

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Fuel Status

Personalized service based on actual fuel level and remaining distance.

Attributes: Fuel Status, Remaining Distance, Timestamp

Insurance (Pay-as-you-drive)

Develop customized insurance products that are related to the precise distance covered.

Attributes: Odometer, Timestamp

Electric Vehicle

Develop smart charging services for Electric Vehicle drivers.

Attributes: State of Charge (SOC), Remaining Distance, Timestamp

Vehicle Status

Retrieve information to observe potential damage or security issues remotely.

Attributes: Status of the Window, Doors, Interior lights, Light Switch Position, Deck Lid, Sun Roof / Convertible T, Timestamp

Vehicle Lock Status

Retrieve information on the vehicle Lock Status to implement security and theft prevention applications.

Attributes: Door Lock Status, Trunk Lock Status, Gas Lock Status, Heading, Timestamp

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